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Benefits Of a Clitoral Orgasm

Benefits Of a Clitoral Orgasm
By far the most common way for a woman to regularly reach orgasm is through direct or indirect clitoral stimulation.  Before we just into that subject, I think it may help to share with you some information about the clitoris.

By far the most common way for a woman to regularly reach orgasm is through direct or indirect clitoral stimulation.  Before we just into that subject, I think it may help to share with you some information about the clitoris.

The clitoris is located just by the vaginal entrance and behind the labia minora.  In most women, it is a small nub of flesh which contains a high concentration of nerve endings which make it highly sensitive.  It is often covered by a clitoral hood.  Many people don't realize that only a small portion of the clitoris is actually visible.  The remainder of the organ is surrounded by the rest of the reproductive system and extends  all the way to the bottom of the pubic bone.

Two things are particularly interesting about the clitoris.  First, all female mammals have a clitoris.  This is interesting because the sole purpose, at least according to biologists, of the clitoris is sexual pleasure.  That would seem to mean that humans aren't the only ones who enjoy the way sex feels.

Second, the clitoris is made from the same material as the penis.  In fact, in men the clitoris becomes a full-fledged penis after the embryo is exposed to testosterone in the womb.  Just like the penis, the clitoris fills with blood and becomes erect during sexual arousal.  The clitoral hood is essentially the same as the foreskin of a penis.
The only real difference between a clitoris and a penis � besides location in the body � seems to be that the penis is also used for urination while the clitoris is not.

With that said, its important to realize that the clitoris is really similar in size to the penis, even though most of it cannot be seen.   Vibrations through the pelvic region caused by intercourse could stimulate the nerve endings in the unseen part of the clitoris as well and this can also cause orgasms.

What many people don't realize about the clitoris is that the penis alone usually cannot stimulate it.  Because of its position in the woman's body, the ability of the penis to provide rhythmic stimulation to the clitoris is extremely difficult.  That means traditional intercourse usually needs to be coupled with clitoral stimulation.

The question is how does one engage in clitoral stimulation.  Some male partners  take the approach that the women should be responsible for the stimulation themselves, which has always seemed a bit unfair to me since the woman is providing him with the  stimulation he needs to reach orgasm.  However, this is one way to deal with it.

Another method is by, what I like to call multi-tasking.  Multi-tasking basically means the man does more than one thing at the same time.  For example, he may be penetrating the vagina while also stimulating the clitoris in one way or another (we'll discuss those ways a little later).  If the couple wants to achieve orgasm at or near the same time, this is clearly the best option.

Other couples I've met with have resorted to an alternative approach.  One person reaches orgasm at a time.  Depending on how each person best reaches orgasm, this may be a possibility but it's usually not the most satisfactory approach.

The best thing about clitoral orgasms is that they can be achieved in many different ways.  Because the entire area is highly sensitive, experimenting with these types of orgasms can also add some interest and spice to sexual relationships which may have become less enthusiastic over time.

And the key is experimenting because different women prefer different types of clitoral stimulation.  While some prefer direct stimulation, others find it uncomfortable and prefer to have the area around the clitoris stimulated instead.  Women who have masturbated will generally have a much better idea of what type of stimulation they prefer than women who have not.

Before I close this article, let's talk about what happens during a clitoral orgasm.  As I mentioned above, the clitoris feels up with blood and becomes erect like a penis.  This means its usually easier to spot when a woman is aroused.  Because the clitoris does not need to be erect for sexual intercourse to occur, clitoral orgasms will only happen if the woman is aroused properly.  That means some type of foreplay is generally a requirement.  When the clitoris is stimulate repeatedly, it becomes more engorged with blood and this further heightens its sensitivity.  With another stimulation a point is reached when all of the tension in the area must be released and this point is considered the orgasm.

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Amateur Porno Another Way to Perceive Sexuality_

Searching the Internet for various topics, it�s impossible not to come across to adult content. Pornography is widely found online, being accessible and free of charge, presented through home made porno videos and other streaming media. It is appreciated that amateur porno websites are developed on a daily basis, the number reaching almost four million today. The World Wide Web is without doubt the greatest source for amateur porn media.

Searching the Internet for various topics, it�s impossible not to come across to adult content. Pornography is widely found online, being accessible and free of charge, presented through home made porno videos and other streaming media. It is appreciated that amateur porno websites are developed on a daily basis, the number reaching almost four million today. The World Wide Web is without doubt the greatest source for amateur porn media.

There is a strong connection between amateur pornography and Internet technology, particularly when it comes to home made porno websites, with user-content platforms. Everyone knows that the privacy offered by the Internet is widely appreciated, amateur porno being enjoyed by various people of different ages, race and sexual orientation. Sitting behind locked doors and in the comfort of their own homes, more and more people become attracted to amateur porn and decide to post home made porno videos themselves, thus contributing to the growth of an already expanding industry.

Considering the high percentage of Internet users passionate about amateur porn, we come to the conclusion that pornography has something to do with an innate desire of sexual fulfillment. Home made porno movies are viewed by millions of people interested in defeating sexual taboos and demonstrating their voyeuristic attraction. They get aroused by seeing other people engaged in sexual intercourse or various other erotic scenarios, that attraction being even higher when it comes to amateur porn, filmed in a natural and yet appealing manner.

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If you are looking for anonymity and you are interested in home made porno movies, then the Internet is most indicated. You can browse a wide array for amateur porn postings, overstepping the boundaries and taboos imposed by the real world!

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Adult Video On Demand Is The Optimal Sin

Adult Video On Demand Is The Optimal Sin
This article weighs the pros and cons of pornography versus pre martial sex.

Adult movies on demand are proving to be a fast, convenient resource for men and women to visualize their most wild, steamy horny fetish filled fantasies. But this does not come without some criticism. Since the beginning of the internet era there has been much criticism and concern about young people, including teens and children, who might able to access these materials which are in most cases intended for adult audiences only, in fact, it is illegal to target minors with pornographic materials and the consequences are quite serious should one or ones company get busted for featuring minors in any of their porno materials or get in trouble for featuring materials that cater or target people younger than 18 years of age.

VOD otherwise known as adult video on demand is also not approved of by most religious groups. It is considered sinful by most religious groups to masturbate yet alone indulge in the saucy pleasures of adult videos on demand. Adult entertainment pornographic films are a safer alternative to sex though, and while the church also discourages sex before people are happily married, it does not make much more sense for them to discourage masturbation and porn because these might prevent people from doing the hardcore sin, in the churches opinion, of people engaging in pre marital relations. Pre marital relations to most religious folk would include anything outside the range of hugging and kissing.

Realistically, once the teenage years roll around it is difficult for parents to monitor their online behavior let alone sexual behavior outside the house. For adults however, accessing porno chicks and dudes performing an array of sexual acrobatics is as easy as walking to refrigerator and grabbing a beer. There are tons of adult videos on demand to choose from, also classified as adult vod and might include fetish films from bathroom cameras to locker room cameras and other voyeuristic scenarios. Some men and women really enjoy watching flicks with a variety of interesting sex scenarios like role play and women dressed as teachers or medical practitioners.

Besides religious objections to people using pornography as a tool for masturbation or simply as inspiring art, spouses or those in relationships with people who like to use porn for the aforementioned reasons may also object. Adult vod is accessible and easy and might be more erotic to mates in stale relationships, or those seeking thrills without necessarily wanting to venture too far from home.

Activate Your LOVE and SEX Magnetism

Activate Your LOVE and SEX Magnetism
Are stress, fear and anxiety blocking you from satisfying sex? Viagra Doesn�t Work On Low Self Esteem. Improve self-esteem, your libido and become a sex magnet by releasing stuck energy and stress from the entire body. Learn how to release stress, fear, depression and anxiety to ensure a healthy body. Have enjoyable sex and improve your relations.

Why are some people naturally magnetic? Are you ready to make potent first impressions? Release stuck energy from your entire body and crank up your magnetic love energy.

Stress, Fear and Anxiety Block Satisfying Sex

When you experience stress, fear or anxiety, sex is usually the last thing on your mind. Work dilemmas, relationship woes, family issues and money problems can be devastating to your libido. It�s hard to feel sexy when you are worried about the mortgage payment. Fear and anxiety associated with sex itself can also be problematic. Worrying about everything from STDs to fear of pregnancy to sexual performance, dampen your sex drive and hampering your chances to have a satisfying sexual experience.  

Fear, anxiety and depression about aging can also affect your sex drive. Are you worried about getting older?  

Stuck Energy Causes Depression

According to medical experts, depression is caused by an imbalance of brain chemicals, along with other factors.  Energetically speaking, the root cause of depression stems from foreign energy being stuck in your body. When foreign energy dims and over-shadows your energy, you become de-pressed!

Do you remember being attracted to someone special in your life? You are attracted to someone because you admire something unique about them. You might think they are handsome, funny or even poised. You like how you feel around them. With every passing day, you start to adopt their energy as your own. When this happens, and you don�t release it back to them, your own energy becomes de-pressed and your relationship takes a nose-dive.

Like with computers, you cannot use MAC software in a PC or vice-verse. They each require their own unique software to operate and process their functions. The same is true for people. The very vibe that attracted you to another person, is the very thing that makes you sexually non-responsive, argumentative and emotional. It can affect your attitude, your health and your libido.  

Viagra Doesn�t Work On Low Self Esteem

Viagra only increases blood flow to the genital area to enhance physical sexual stimulation in women or men. It cannot affect your body image, relationship or emotional issues that impede sexual function.  

Most people dislike some aspect of his or her body. Do you think you have jiggly thighs, a curved penis, small breasts, fat belly or a hairy back? While you might not be 100% satisfied with the way you look, you have learned to live with the perceived flaw. This perception may actually create an energetic block that affects the sexual image of yourself and your ability to express yourself. The reality is however, that to have good feelings about sex, you have to have good feelings about your body.

Release Negative Self Talk with Grounding

Whenever you find yourself having a negative thought about your body, release it down your grounding cord or put it inside a symbol and explode it. For example, if you�re obsessing on your extra roll of belly fat, stop yourself.  Throw that thought down your grounding cord or explode inside a firecracker. Then fill yourself up with a shimmering gold sun of self-appreciation and sex appeal.  

As you start to feel better about yourself and feel a little sexy�no matter what you look like�your sex drive will improve. Learn to love yourself for who you are, warts and all. Only then will you be able to have a really satisfying sex life and magnetically draw people who love and appreciate you.

Grounding Visualization for the Entire Body

To experience self-love and appreciation, release energy by grounding the entire body. Your natural magnetic energy will be stimulated, kicking you into high gear.
1. Create a grounding cord.
2. Visualize a 2nd grounding cord from the bottom of your feet to the main grounding cord coming out from your spine.
3. Allow gravity to pull out any dark colors, white light or any colors you intuitively know are not your energy to be pulled out.
4. Release anything that prevents healing.
5. Ground your ankles, legs, knees, thighs, hips, and abdomen.
Release any energy stored in those body parts.
6. Ground your sex organs. Ask yourself,

�Is there anyone�s energy stored there?� Do you get a sense of thoughts or judgments from: former teachers, lovers, partners, or friends sitting on your skin or inside these areas? Release both positive and negative energies. If someone likes the shape of your butt, their energy stays with it. And, here you thought it was because of all of the chocolate you ate.
7. Replenish your body and organs with a golden sun by putting some of your own energy back in your body.

SECRET TIP   -- Positive or negative energy can also block the optimum energy function.

What is Past is Past!

Don�t get stuck on it. Allow past energy release. It�s no fun to be stuck in the past. It�s no fun to be a victim.  Stay present so you can let go, move on and attract the type of loving relationship you desire. You can release the
emotional charge of molestation through visualization.

Ensure a Healthy Body and Love Life

Learn to release stress, fear and anxiety to ensure a healthy body. Eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of water, sleep at least eight hours a night, exercise regularly and practice relaxation techniques such as meditation or yoga.  If you won�t do it for your general health, do it for your sex life!  

Amirah � 2006  All Rights Reserved.

You have permission to publish this article electronically or in print, free of charge, as long as the bylines are included. A courtesy copy of your publication would be appreciated.

A Woman's Perspectives on the Use of Male Condoms

A Woman's Perspectives on the Use of Male Condoms
With the advent of feminism and female empowerment, condom usage is now viewed as the responsibility of both sexes and women have as much right and responsibility as any man to see to it that their partner puts on a condom for her protection.

Up until the last two or three decades, condoms have always been predominantly a masculine concern. Protecting the male person from unwanted pregnancies used to be the primary intention of putting on this device. But with the advent of feminism and female empowerment, condom usage is now viewed as the responsibility of both sexes and women have as much right and responsibility as any man to see to it that their partner puts on a condom for her protection.

With increased awareness on the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases and the prevalence of AIDS, the practice of safe sex is longer a matter of preference, but of necessity and survival. And because condoms offer relatively cheap, convenient, and highly effective method of prevention, it plays a large part in the maintenance of healthy reproductive and sexual lives.

With a lot of options and product lines out there, it is hard to understand why some men would still prefer to expose themselves to health risks rather than use condoms. Manufacturers have given a lot of thought and resources in meeting every possible demand of consumers out there, such as the production of thin condoms for those seeking to experience enhanced sensitivity like the Trojan Ultra Thin, Durex Extra Sensitive and the Trojan Elexa Ultra Sensitive varieties. The Trojan brand is also selling thicker condoms like the Trojan Enz condoms. Condoms are also available in different sizes and shapes, such as the Trojan Magnum, which is the most popular large sized condom in the market today. For those seeking value-added features, like textured surfaces, flavors, scents, and colors, there are enough condom varieties to satisfy them all. Trying on the Durex Intense Sensation, the Trojan Ultra Ribbed, and the Trojan Twisted Pleasure might bring on memorable moments that would be cherished for a long time.

And speaking of enhanced pleasure, the Durex condoms and Trojan brands also has available lubricants best suited for the condoms they manufacture respectively.

Because of the availability of other contraceptives designed for the female body, women have been more than willing to do their share in protecting themselves. It would just be so nice to share a relationship, if not a brief connection, with someone willing to take up his own share of responsibility. Condoms do not emasculate you in women�s eyes, and neither do these devices compromise or cramp whatever style you might want to project.

When a man puts on a condom at his own initiative and without any prompting from his female sex partner, he sends across a message of responsibility and caution. This is good, especially if both of you are looking to build a healthy, loving relationship that would hopefully last for a long time. Needless to say, recklessness and headlong rush into sexual fulfillment without any thought on protection says much on the immature mentality of both participants.

Putting on a condom shows that you care. And even though it is not a guarantee of a man�s fidelity, it is concern enough to protect the physical well-being of your sex partners, as well as steering yourselves away from accidental pregnancies.

So is the use of condom selfish? Probably to some degree, since both partners consenting to use this protective device are looking out for their own protection. But it can also be a means of sharing. The use of condoms and other contraceptives lowers anxieties and reduces fears, making the sexual experience more fulfilling and pleasurable. In a woman�s point of view, the practice safe sex does not lower intimacy, it enhances it.

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A Positive Approach Towards Men's Sexual Health

A Positive Approach Towards Men's Sexual Health
Men�s sexual health is of immense concern nowadays. You could be the most affectionate man in the world but if you are unable to satisfy your spouse in the bed it can lead to relationship issues. Read the article to gather more information on men�s sexual health.

Sexual health has been defined as the state of sexuality related to physical, emotional, mental and social well-being. A positive and respectful approach towards sexuality and sexual relationships is vital for attaining a sound sexual health.

Your feelings have a great impact on your sexual appetite. For example, if you are feeling anxious, bitter or angry towards your spouse you will not feel like having a sex with them.

Men�s sexual health is of immense concern nowadays. You could be the most affectionate man in the world but if you are unable to satisfy your spouse in the bed it can lead to relationship issues.

Sex is very important for a relationship to go smooth. Your inability to last in bed can turn your relationship bitter. Anxiety builds up in your mind making sex one of the most traumatic things in your life.

Various psychological factors are also considered while discussing men�s sexual health. Men�s failure to achieve their goal in life can put them into a state of depression. Avoidance to sex becomes natural in such a situation.

Other topics relating to men�s sexual health are as follows-:

� Desire
� Pleasure
� Orgasm
� Rapid or delayed ejaculation
� Prostate health
� Masturbation

A decrease in the production of testosterone in men makes them loose their desire in sex. Low sexual desire can also be the result of some chronic disease, hormonal imbalances, stress, fatigue or a poor body image.

Most of the men today suffer from erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a sexual dysfunction that immobilizes a man to develop an erection of the penis. Health problems such as high blood-pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high cholesterol or depression contribute to erectile dysfunction. Anybody can be affected by this illness at any stage of life, but more often it is seen in men above the age of 40 years.

Early ejaculation in men who are single debars them from seeking an ideal partner.

Men usually hesitate to talk about their sexual health as it might hurt their ego.  They take it as a curse and begin living with it. Living under such a stress can lead to depression. If your husband feels the same, try taking to him. Make him feel comfortable and share his feelings with you. If necessary consult a doctor.

If you want to keep this issue as private, the best option for you is to seek levitra power. Levitra is a drug that helps men to improve their sexual health. It works by blocking an enzyme called phosphodiesterase-5, then relaxes smooth muscles in the penis and helps improve the blood flow. This results in a natural erection of the penis. Erection of penis will ultimately enhance your sexual desire thus giving you more pleasure.

Men�s sexual health needs considerate assistance. Do not dither to talk about your sexual problems with your spouse.

A New Sexual Revolution

A New Sexual Revolution
Despite the sexual revolution in the 1960s, the fact is, many Americans still feel that sex is a taboo. Each person has different sexual preferences and though there are those who are very vocal about their needs in bed, there still are others who opt to keep silent for fear of being called vulgar.

Despite the sexual revolution in the 1960s, the fact is, many Americans still feel that sex is a taboo. Each person has different sexual preferences and though there are those who are very vocal about their needs in bed, there still are others who opt to keep silent for fear of being called vulgar.

Researchers nowadays are saying that another sexual revolution is well underway, as evidenced by the high rating of shows that has sex-related content. In a recent study conducted by Jean Twenge of San Diego University, it was found out that 50% of teenage girls are already having sex, and are also considered the leaders of the teen sexual revolution in the new world. The issue of oral sex is now seen in a new light as more and more teenagers no longer see it as disgusting. The trend shows that sex has moved past the boundaries of relationships, marriage and pleasure towards the quest for pleasure.

With the knowledge of teenage sex, how many parents have bothered to educate their children about the pros (if any) and cons of early sexual activities? Studies show that parents would rather pretend that their children have no idea what sex is yet and talking about it would make them more curious, which could lead to experimentation.

But this is definitely not the case. Children can now access sites featuring couples having live sex, or a live sex show with hot models as stars. No, teenagers nowadays are no longer as innocent as we want them to be, and despite the many precautions parents take to prevent their children from sexy webcam chat rooms and club live sex, it just isn�t enough. Children still need to be educated by their parents. They need to know that they are not the only one experiencing things such as arousal or even masturbation. Children are confused and for them to be properly guided towards their societal roles, parents still has the biggest part of it.

I still believe that the biggest problem with the teenage lies on the fact that technically speaking, they still are children. Biologically, teenage girls are not yet equipped to bear healthy children. Aside from this, the spread of sexually transmitted diseases can easily affect teenagers as most of them refuses to follow the lesson taught in sexual education.

People blame teenage pregnancy to the proliferation of sex-related media and easy access to porn sites. It is true that several studies have found a relationship between early sexual experimentation and sexual innuendos in TVs and movies. But hey, you can�t blame everything to media. True, the media is cluttered with so much sex-related content but still, you are responsible for your kids. Cam to cam sex stars don�t tell your children to go out and have sex with the next girl they see. Leaving your children uneducated and clueless about this topic when everyone else is talking can only leave them to be more curious if not as closed up as you are, and the cycle continues.

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